A mutating profession


The lawyer’s profession is impacted by many circumstances that lead to a compulsory transformation:

  • considering that there is a judicial overconsumption, the political power limits budgets, reforms procedures, abstains from completing the frameworks of magistrates and wants to impose a reform of the profession of lawyer;
  • all kinds of professions (accountants, auditors, judicial officer, notaries, advisors of all kinds, etc.) have engaged in competing legal services offers;
  • new companies offer online legal services at unprecedented terms;
  • for lawyers who have not made the step to digitalization yet, it has become a real emergency; as evidence, the number of conferences, symposia and books devoted on the issue of the digitalization of law firms throughout Europe;
  • Our organization has been digitized since its origin (2011) and has accompanied many lawyers in their transition to digital. We are in a better position to keep ourselves at the forefront of methods and techniques and dedicate ourselves to the satisfaction of our customers with the most advanced means.


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