New Code on Companies and Associations


Henri Culot has published an article in the “Revue pratique des sociétés – Tijdschrift voor Rechtspersoon en Vennootschap” , entitled: “Here comes the new Code on Companies and Associations“  Read more here      

New address in Paris


Serge Dufrene and Philip Van Doorn, both members of the Brussels Bar, are also admitted to the Paris Bar, on a secondary basis. Please note their new address in Paris, which is 16, avenue Hoche, 75008 Paris.

Ombudsman for Retail


Praetica is proud to announce Laurie Caucheteux’s nomination as a conciliator in the Ombudsman for Retail.  The Ombudsman for Retail offers a conciliation service to consumers and retailers and works on conflict prevention by informing the consumers of their rights…

Tax Shelter


Henri Culot will have the honor to present Tax Shelter issues, this Tuesday 12 September 2017 to the benefit of the managers of the WSL, an incubator supporting entrepreneurs to launch engineering sciences projects in Wallonia. More info :  

How Would the TTIP Interact with WTO Law?


Henri Culot has published an article in ‘La Revue internationale de droit économique” called “Comment le TTIP s’articulerait-il avec le droit de l’OMC?” This article examines how the TTIP, if it comes into force, would interact with the rules of the…

Annual congress – Budapest


Alex Tallon will be a key note speaker at the conference of the IWLA (International Wine Law Association) European’s section in Budapest on 16 June 2017.  Alex will deal with designations of origin for ingredients (see program). read more

Conference in London


Henri Culot will attend the conference organized by the European Society of International Law and King’s College London about Dispute Settlement in Free Trade Agreements. It will take place in London on 26-27 May 2017. His intervention is entitled: “Are EU…

“Are legal online platforms legal for the lawyer?”


Alex Tallon has published an article in Today’s Lawyer 2017 which appeared on Introduction: Rocket Lawyer has announced to be active on the Dutch market. The move to Belgium will follow. These deals represent a lot of challenges for…

Batibouw – Stand NOAB


Me Roel Anciaux will host the stand of the Dutch Bar of Brussels from 20th until 23th February from 2PM to 4PM at ‘Batibouw’. He will give there a first free consultation to individuals and companies who have legal questions…

Nullity in company law

saint louis

Henri Culot published in collaboration with Gabriela de Pierpont an article about ‘nullity in company law’ as part of a project of the Center for private law of the University Saint-Louis. Read more


logo en rond

Praetica has supported André Versailles and Christiane Vienne’s initiative and has also participated at the charity evening to collect funds…

Romina Murru teaches at the “Haute Ecole Condorcet”


Romina Murru has been invited by the “Haute Ecole Condorcet” to join their social (labour and social security law) department and to teach, as of September 2016, the courses “Labour and social security law” and Enforcement of labour and social…

Conference: Tax news

logo en rond

On 21 June 2016 Eric Boigelot and Aurélie Blaffart will present at a conference about Tax news for the CEDCF …

Seminars ‘Dialogues about taxation 2016’


Eric Boigelot will participate in a series of seminars, “Dialogues about taxation 2016”, focusing on property and financial taxation, and organized by the UCL (Université catholique de Louvain). He will be a speaker at the seminar on Thursday 18 February,…

Conference ‘Tax news’


On Tuesday 26 January 2016 Eric Boigelot and Aurélie Blaffart will be the speakers at a conference about “Tax news”, which is once again abundant this year. The conference will be organized by the “Union des Praticiens de la Fiscalité”…

Legal Awards 2015


Praetica has been awarded a Legal Award for the Most Innovative Belgian Law Firm of the Year…

Insolvency breaking news


Can you be considered official receiver/liquidator of a company without realising it? Article 185 of the Belgian Company Code, a provision which is often ignored by directors of a dissolved and liquidated company.

Praetica Sablon continues to grow


Praetica Sablon welcomes as partner Arnaud Lecocq, lecturer at the university and experienced practitioner in the areas of Banking Compliance and financial criminal law.

Arbitration Center of Congo

Mr Arnaud Houet, Praetica’s associate in Waterloo and Brussels is admitted on the list of arbiters of the Arbitration Center of Congo.

Vocational breakfast seminar : “The systems for time credit – unemployment with an additional company payment (former “bridging pension”): update on the recent reforms”


Praetica organizes a vocational breakfast seminar entitled “The systems for time credit – unemployment with an additional company payment (former “bridging pension”): update on the recent reforms” ”(“Les régimes de crédit-temps – le chômage avec complément d’entreprise : le point sur les réformes récentes”) : the seminar will be hosted by Luc Godin and Romina Murru.

Vocational breakfast seminar : “Tax update”


Praetica organizes a vocational breakfast seminar entitled “Tax update – perspectives for 2015?” (“Le point sur quelques actualités fiscales – quelles perspectives pour 2015 ?”): the seminar wil be hosted by Eric Boigelot, Aurélie Blaffart and Mélissa Da Silva. The detailed program is available via the link “Read more” hereunder.

Praetica Waterloo grows

arnaud  3

PRAETICA welcomes at its office in Waterloo: as partner, Arnaud Houet, specialized in insolvency and bankruptcy law, judicial reorganization and winding up, corporate law and restructuring of companies.

Vocational breakfast seminar


The vocational breakfast seminar, organised by Praetica on Thursday 26 February, and focusing on freedom of press on the Internet, was a very successful event. The presentation as well as the many Questions & Answers allowed the attendants (journalists and…

Breakfast training debate


Praetica organizes a breakfast training debate about “Recent developments in the field of market practices and intellectual property rights” (“Recente ontwikkelingen op het vlak van marktpraktijken en intellectuele eigendomsrechten”): Alex Tallon and Dieter Geernaert will host this seminar at Praetica’s…

Conference focusing on the “small law firms”


On 27 February 2015 Serge Dufrene will speak on the topic “New methods of collaboration” (“Les nouvelles manières de travailler ensemble”) at a conference focusing on the « small law firms», organized by the French speaking Brussels Bar Association.

Jacques Englebert on television

Capture d’écran 2015-02-09 à 10.34.37

Jacques Englebert has given his opinion about freedom of expression in the television program “Pour ou Contre – Dérapages sur les réseaux sociaux. Faut-il changer la loi?” (“Pro or Contra – Excesses in social networks. Do we need to change the laws?”)

Praetica continues its growth


Waterlaw (Dominique Jossart, Gérard Leplat, Jean-Noël Bastenière and their associates) joined our network under the name of Prætica Waterloo.

Breakfast training debate


PRAETICA organizes its breakfast training debate entitled “Réforme du Code du Bien-être au travail: L’employeur désormais responsable du “burn-out”” (“Well-being at work reform”), presented by Luc Godin.

Seminars organized by the Flemish Bar Council


Alex Tallon will be a speaker at three seminars, organized by the Flemish Bar Council, focusing on “Services Act: Obligation for all attorneys – Comments with regard to the changes to the Economic Law Code” (“Dienstenwet: Verplichting voor elke advocaat…

“Eco-dynamic Company” label


BVBA Praetica, the company behind Praetica Sablon and the coordinator of the Praetica network, has been awarded the “Eco-dynamic Company” label with 1 star.

Praetica SABLON grows


Shelley Henrotte, specialized in general criminal law, financial criminal law and criminal procedure, joined Praetica Sablon, as an associate.

Seminar organized by COMEOS


Bernard Deltour and Valérie Vandegaart were speakers at the seminar on the regionalization of the permitting scheme for commercial estates (“IKEA law””), organized by COMEOS, the Belgian federation for commerce and services.

PRAETICA SABLON continues to grow


PRAETICA Sablon welcomes:– as partner : Luc Godin, an experienced practitioner in the areas of labour and financial criminal law;– as trainee: Jessica Van Overtveldt.

Praetica in Who’s Who Legal


Who’s Who Legal identifies expert legal practitioners in 34 areas of international business law: their publications are the fruit of thorough research and the analysis of the opinions of peers (lawyers) and clients. Praetica’s expertise in the fields of mediation…

PRAETICA NAMUR continues to grow


Me Audrey Adam, member of Praetica Sablon (Brussels), joins Praetica Namur, the office of Jacques Englebert, at the occasion of her registration with the Namur Bar Association.

PRAETICA SABLON continues to grow


Two specialists in the field of sustainable development rights join PRAETICA Sablon:– As partner : Bernard Deltour, environmental law specialist;– As associate: Valérie Vandegaart, energy law specialist.

Praetica in Het Nieuwsblad


PRAETICA attracts the attention of the press: the newspaper “Het Nieuwsblad” dedicates an article to the opening of Praetica Anvers and to Praetica’s original methods. Click here to download the article.

Syndical Organization of Magistrates


Jacques ENGLEBERT participates in a lunch debate of the “Association Syndicale des Magistrats” (“Syndical Organization of Magistrates”), entitled “Composition du C.S.J. et (dé)politisation : Menace sur la validité des nominations?” (“Composition of the High Council of Justice and (de)politization: Threat…

Jacques ENGLEBERT defends his doctoral dissertation


Jacques ENGLEBERT publicly defends his doctoral dissertation, entitled “La procédure garante de la liberté de l’information” (“The procedure as warranty of the freedom of information”), at the Université Libre de Bruxelles. He obtains his degree as doctor in law with…

Conference of the “Global Migration Section” of AILA


Bernard CARIS is invited to speak at the conference of the “Global Migration Section” of AILA (American Immigration Lawyers Association) in San Francisco: he speaks on a panel that discusses questions with regard to “Pre- and post-merger immigration compliance” in…



Bernard CARIS joins PRAETICA SABLON as partner. He has been a member of the Brussels bar association since 1994. His main practice areas are corporate immigration on the one hand and commercial and intellectual property law on the other hand.

PRAETICA opens a new office in ANTWERP


PRAETICA opens a new office in ANTWERP, Mechelsesteenweg 128-136; Alex Tallon, who is now also registered with the Antwerp bar association, and Dieter GEERNAERT, who joins Praetica, staff the Antwerp office.



The network PRAETICA expands by the creation of PRAETICA RING, with the following lawyers:Dominique JANSSEN, lawyer at the Brussels bar association since 1986, is the author of several publications with regard to her two main practice areas, more in particular…



PRAETICA sponsors the event CONTRAPUNT, organized by the NOAB (Dutch speaking section of the Brussels bar association) at the Brussels music school. This event is exceptional as it combines the reading of some passages from Anna ENQUIST’s work ‘Contrapunt’ by…

Breakfast training debate


PRAETICA organizes its 3rd breakfast training debate entitled “Questions choisies sur la Procédure de Réorganisation Judiciaire” (“Chosen questions on the procedure of judicial restructuring”), presented by Eric BOIGELOT and Michaela Roegiers

PRAETICA SABLON continues to grow


PRAETICA SABLON continues to grow: Josiane MEUNIER, lawyer at the Brussels bar association since 1985 and experienced practitioner in transport law, joins the firm. Josiane MEUNIER’s practice areas are insurance law, civil and medical liability and the compensation for damages…

Breakfast training debate


PRAETICA organizes its second breakfast training debate entitled “La liberté d’expression du travailleur salarié” (“The freedom of speech of the employee”), presented by Audrey ADAM and Romina MURRU

3rd workshop of the general state of information media


From 25 October 2012 until 28 February 2013, Jacques ENGLEBERT has presided the 3ème atelier des Etats généraux des médias d’informations (“3rd workshop of the general state of information media”), organized by the parliament of the French speaking community.

Roundtable on estate tax


Aurélie BLAFFART is invited to participate as tax law specialist in a Table Ronde sur la Fiscalité du patrimoine (“Roundtable on estate tax”). A detailed report is published in the “’Eventail” of December 2012.

Economic mission to Istanbul


In his capacity as PRAETICA’s representative, Alex TALLON accompanies the economic mission, led by Prince Philippe, to Istanbul, Turkey. He seizes the opportunity to witness the signature of a protocol between the NOAB (Dutch speaking section of the Brussels bar…

Alex TALLON publishes « La Procédure »


Alex TALLON publishes with the editor Larcier, in French, the book « La Procédure » (“The procedure”), in the series – under his direction – “competition and market practices”; this book elaborates on the different types of procedures in the…

PRAETICA SABLON welcomes a new partner


PRAETICA SABLON is glad to announce the arrival of a new partner, Philip VAN DOORN, member of the Brussels bar association since 1986 and also registered with the Paris bar association since 1992. Philip VAN DOORN is the author of…

Days of law ‘Confocus’


Alex TALLON is a speaker at a conference ”Rechtsdagen” (“Days of law”) ‘Confocus’ in Hasselt on the topic procedure and market practices.

Days of law ‘Confocus’


Alex TALLON is a speaker at a conference ”Rechtsdagen” (“Days of law”) ‘Confocus’ in Ghent on the topic procedure and market practices.

PRAETICA SABLON continues to grow


PRAETICA SABLON continues to grow: Romina MURRU, lawyer at the Brussels bar association since 2008, joins the firm. As a specialist in labour and social security law Romina MURRU joins PRAETICA SABLON in order to contribute to the development of…

20km of Brussels


Alex TALLON, together with other members of the Brussels bar association, is one of the participants of the 2012 edition of the 20 km of Brussels.

Alex TALLON publishes “The procedure”


Alex TALLON publishes with the editor Larcier, in Dutch, the book « De Procedure » (“The procedure”), in the series “competition and market practices”; this book elaborates on the different types of procedures in the field of market practices and…

Jacques ENGLEBERT is appointed as “assessor”


By means of a Royal Decree of 22 April 2012 Jacques ENGLEBERT is appointed as “assessor” with the section legislation of the Council of State (the highest administrative court in Belgium); this is a recognition for his exceptional qualities, as…

Breakfast training debate


PRAETICA organizes its first breakfast training debate entitled “Nouveautés fiscales 2012″(“Tax news 2012”); Eric BOIGELOT and Aurélie BLAFFART are the speakers.

PRAETICA SABLON strengthens its team


PRAETICA SABLON welcomes Audrey ADAM, lawyer at the Brussels bar association since 2009 and former newspaper journalist; she joins PRAETICA in order to work primarily on matters relating to media law, such as information law, free speech, ICT  (communications and…

PRAETICA SABLON welcomes tax law team


PRAETICA SABLON is strengthened by the arrival of:Eric BOIGELOT, lawyer at the Brussels bar association since 1982, registered on the list of foreign lawyers of the Geneva bar association since 2002 and in charge of the “Conférences au Master Spécial…

PRAETICA develops its network


Jacques ENGLEBERT creates the firm PRAETICA NAMUR. Apart from being a lawyer at the Namur and Paris bar associations, Jacques ENGLEBERT, has also been a professor at the ULB (“Université libre de Bruxelles”) since 2001 and at the Umons (University…



The law firm PRAETICA, founded by Alex TALLON and Serge DUFRENE,  “is born”.  PRAETICA moves into its offices at the SABLON. It is the first dematerialized law firm, based on a collaborative platform in a network. The aim is to…