A C.S.R. organization with sustainable development in mind

Praetica’s challenge is double: at the same time contributing to sustainable development and being the most competitive.

Only one path leads to these goals: general and permanent innovation.

The C.S.R. chart of Praetica stresses the importance of, among others:

  • the dematerialization of documentation;
  • lbeing environment-friendly with regard to transport and real estate;
  • well-being at work;
  • ethics in relations with the clients and with regard to the handling of files;
  • participation in non-profit activities.

Praetica’s C.S.R. committee draws up an annual report on the compliance with the chart and Praetica’s progress an a C.S.R. organization.

Praetica has been admitted as a member of the organization Kauri which maintains a network, specifically dedicated to sustainable development.





Charter CSR Prætica